Our next available litters will be born in the Winter and Spring of 2022.

Our puppies currently sell for $2900. Deposits are $500 and are accepted only after puppies are born. If you would like to be put on our contact/waiting list for future litters, please send an email or give us a call.

Your adoption package includes:

  • A healthy puppy that has received the necessary vaccines for their age and a check-up by a certified veterinarian.

  • All dewclaws removed.

  • A packet containing instructions, recommendations, certificates and AKC registration application for your new addition.

  • A small bag of food to start you off in the event you choose not to do natural rearing.

  • NuVet Plus Immune Support sample pack and information.

  • A toy and blanket that is familiar to him/her, to make transition easier.

  • Our 2 year health guarantee as well as lifetime breeder support.

If it is necessary to send your puppy to you out of state, we can do that, however, we never ship cargo, as it is too traumatizing for the puppies. We do offer a caring personal courier service instead. Your puppy goes directly from my arms to the couriers. The courier stays with your puppy at all times to care for it's needs. When they arrive, the courier will then deliver your new baby into your waiting arms. Courier service costs a little more than cargo, but we feel it is well worth it to have your new addition arrive safe and healthy.​

Please email or call for more information.