Our Objective

Here at Laudie Cavaliers, we are very selective and strive to bring you the best dog this breed has to offer. While some of our dogs may go on to the show ring, we realize most of our dogs will spend their lives in the home just making their new families happy. Therefore, quality, health and temperament are our top priority.

We give what we think is the best start in life for your little one which includes, imprinting at birth, and the highest quality diet. This includes natural raw foods.

We are firm believers in a Natural Rearing diet, as well as all natural supplements for our Cavaliers. As part of our Natural Rearing program, we use nosode vaccines on our adults and puppies to protect them from contagious diseases. Our goal is to support a strong, healthy immune system and prevent Vaccinosis.

At Laudie Cavaliers, we believe that producing extraordinary puppies involves socialization. Therefore, all our puppies are born in our bedroom and when older, moved to the kitchen where they can be in on all the action. This includes lots of love, playing, holding, household noises, interaction with other dogs, cats, children and people of all ages.

Because our puppies are raised as part of our family, we feel that when one of them goes to a new home, we have just extended our family. We are serious about treating all of our extended families like our own. We like to keep in contact with them, answering questions, offering advice when needed and just hearing fun updates from time to time.

We look forward to welcoming you into the Laudie Cavalier family!